The web circa 1996: Relics of the Bob Dole, 'Space Jam,' 'You've Got Mail' era of the Internet

Remember when we had to dial up to go online?  Well, for those of you who want to reminisce about the early days of the Internet, look no further then the internet.  You'll can still find plenty of crude web design untouched by time and technology.
The 1996 movie Space Jam featuring Looney Tunes characters and Michael Jordan still has an active website as does the 1998 romantic comedy You've Got Mail--starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
That was back when AOL and instant messaging was the "bees knees."
Next on the list, you can still check out the San Francisco Fogcam.  It has kept a watchful eye over San Francisco State University since 1994 and is said to be the oldest continuously running webcam online.
Better known for his role in Pepsi and Viagra ads, Bob Dole actually ran for president in 1996.  You can relieve those hopeful days on his campaign site, which for some unknown reason. . .still exists, thought it's probably not bookmarked on Bill Clinton's web browser.
Speaking of browsers, Netscape may be long gone, but it's main communications page lives on-- filled with gems like "to get around--just single-click on any blue or purple word or phrase. .."
If 1996 was a good year for you, no need for microfiche.  Check out the Washington Post's "Year in Review," back when the Macarena made headlines.  
Strolling down the kilobytes of digital memory lane is just a click away.  
Don't forget your floppy disks.
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