Gay Games 9 in Cleveland & Akron begin with opening ceremony honoring athletes from 50 countries

CLEVELAND - Athletes from 50 countries paraded into Quicken Loans Arena Saturday night for the opening ceremony of Gay Games 2014.

"It's a mixture of excitement and nervousness," said Andrew Farrell from the Australian wrestling team. "On a scale of one to ten, I'm at 15,"

The games include 35 different events in both Cleveland and Akron from wrestling to rodeo to running. Dean Allemang, 53, came in from California to run the 5K with his mother, Peg.

"She may walk.  She may run.  It doesn't really matter how fast she goes," he said. "What matters is that she finishes."

The games will continue through the week, with the closing ceremony next Saturday. Participants say they're being treated really well in Cleveland.

"Everyone's cheering for us," Farrell said. "It's been great."

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