Viewer Suggestions: How to stay happy during cold, miserable weather conditions

Bob Jones reported about a type of depression that people tend to get during cold, dreary weather conditions. The type of depression is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, also know as SAD, and according to Dr. Stephen Cosby of Akron Children's Hospital, 7 to 8 percent of Northeast Ohioans are dealing with the disorder.

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Dr. Cosby gave some suggestions on how to fight the disorder, but we also wanted to know what our viewers do to keep themselves happy during the winter. We asked users on Facebook to share their suggestions on what they do to "stay out of the dumps" during this cold season. Here are some of the answers we received:

  1. Rose P.: Open the curtains and let the sunshine come into the room. Get more sleep at night. Put together puzzles that are summery farm or country themed. 
  2. Teresa K.: Hit the gym for the adrenaline rush. Get out of the house and do something good for your physical and mental health.
  3. Gretia G.S.: Aroma therapy. Light a summery smelling candle. Put on a lotion with a summer scent or bake a loaf of banana bread. Try a self-hypnosis app for depression to fall asleep to.
  4. Joshua H.: Meditation, music and lots of stretching and exercise. 
  5. Melinda B.: Put on a good movie, make some hot cocoa and hang out with your kids. 
  6. Nancy N.: Take Vitamin D supplements, exercise and enjoy adding color accents around the house.
  7. Mark C.: Go outside. Try ice fishing, ice skating, Steelhead fishing, or hiking. Give business to an Ohio ski resort. Just make sure you dress appropriately. 
  8. Patricia S.: Stay busy. Paint. Redecorate rooms in your home. Seniors can go to a senior center and play bingo or bowl on a Wii game league.
  9. Vicki P: Create projects for yourself. Read interesting books. Clean out your closet. Organize your kitchen. Volunteer. 
  10. Diana vL.: Take a vacation in January.
  11. Jinnifer R.: Light therapy.

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