Snow rollers invade Northeast Ohio

UPDATE: Share this gallery of 150+ snow roller photos!

Due to the extreme cold and snowy weather, a rare phenomenon has popped up in the yards of several Northeast Ohioans. 

Meteorologist Jason Nicholas has told us these little nature-made snowballs are called "snow rollers." They are very rare and were caused by last night's weather conditions. 

"We had temps near freezing when the snow began - perhaps even a little ice formed on the top at the surface to not allow for the snow to stick and to allow it to roll," Nicholas explained. "Then the winds picked up basically rolling the snow like a snow ball."

The Inquisitr  wrote strong winds are required to create snow rollers to form and push the snowballs along. Some common shapes that snow rollers take are balls, donuts and even jelly rolls. Although snow rollers look like snowballs, they are not tightly packed. They are usually not sturdy enough to pick up or hold. 

Take a photo of the snow rollers in your yard and submit them to to add them to our gallery!

By the way, we had SO MANY user submitted photos, that we could not add them all to the gallery listed above. To see ALL 400+ photos of Northeast Ohio snow rollers, go here.

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