More snow recorded in Texas than Great Lakes region so far this winter

CLEVELAND - A strong winter storm dumped 10.6 inches of snow on Midland, Texas Monday -- the same amount Cleveland has seen all season.

That total broke the daily snowfall record of 9.8 inches recorded on Dec. 11, 1998.

Monday's record-setting storm was the third to hit Midland this year, bringing the seasonal snowfall total to 19.5 inches, also a record. Midland hasn't recorded that much snow since the winter of 1946-1947, where 13.9 inches fell.

On the contrary, residents of the Great Lakes region are asking "where's the snow?" Take a look at the seasonal snowfall totals for the following cities:

Chicago: 2.7"
Buffalo: 5.5"
Detroit: 6.7"
Minneapolis: 10.3"
Cleveland: 10.6"

It's hard to believe Midland has received more than seven times the amount of snow recorded in Chicago this year.

If you're looking for snow in Northeast Ohio, computer models are indicating a pattern shift toward colder and snowier weather for the rest of January. Our next chance of snow comes Friday.

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