Heavy snow falls in Solon but residents don't complain

SOLON, OHio - A heavy overnight snowfall in Solon didn't deter residents and workers from going about their days on Friday.

"It's not that bad today. It's been worse. It's pretty light," said Brad Moshier, who swept snow off new cars at BMW Cleveland in Solon Friday.

Seven inches of snow fell in the east side city in the early morning hours, prompting massive plows to clear streets and salt the roads.

"Ever since I started working here, I've been working outdoors a lot, cold days, warm days. You kind of just get used to it. It motivates you to work a little bit harder to keep warmer," said Chirag Patel, who brushed snow off new BMWs with Moshier.

Patel and Moshier said it takes 45 minutes for one person to clean just a row of cars, out of dozens on the lot. But both said they love the winter weather and would never pass up an opportunity to get out of the office.

"It's kind of nice. Nobody bothers you," said Moshier, who grew up in the Cleveland area.

Bailey, a Siberian Husky-mix, whose owner resides in Solon, was very eager to get outside Friday and snuggle in the snow.

"He loves it. Summertime, he's not so happy. But, this is good. He likes it a lot," said Kathy Braun who took her energetic dog out for a walk.

Without many sidewalks plowed, Braun and her companions charted their own path through the snow, dressed in multiple layers.

"Some of the people have cleared it (the sidewalk), which is nice. And some of the people don't. But, it gets me a little bit more exercise," said Braun's neighbor and Solon resident Becky Griffiths.

"I was a little surprised this morning to see it so bad. I wasn't expecting it, but it's fine. It's Cleveland. It's normal," Braun said.

Solon and surrounding areas are expected to get an additional one to two inches of snow Friday night, and temperatures should dip into the single digits. The northern counties of Lake and Ashtabula could see an extra three to six inches in the overnight hours.

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