Cuyahoga County repair technicians stay busy with furnaces as temperatures drop

CLEVELAND - The cold temperatures in the Cleveland-area are keeping repair technicians and contractors busy, as furnaces break down and homeowners look to seal their drafty houses.

"In the winter months, people are trying to insulate their house better," said Kevin Farmer, a sub-contractor who was installing triple-pane Pella windows in a Broadview Heights home Thursday.

Broadview Heating repair technician Scott Davison said his days are fully booked when it's cold outside as furnaces work extra hard to keep homes warm.

"It usually happens on the worst day possible," he said.

Davison fixed a 16-year-old boiler at the home of Edna and William Deffler in Broadview Heights Thursday.

"I noticed the furnace wouldn't kick on," said Edna Deffler, who added that their thermostat wasn't keeping a consistent temperature Thursday morning even after changing the unit's batteries.

According to Broadview Heating, the problem, which was fixed Thursday afternoon, was that the boiler's water temperature needed to be raised to account for the low temperatures outside.

Davison said the key to keeping your house warm during cold weather is to regularly check your furnace and keep up with maintenance.

"I would recommend checking your filters, making sure your filters are clean. If you have a digital thermostat, make sure the batteries are replaced."

Davison also recommends professional check-ups on your heating system annually.

"Maintaining all the ports and pressure switches and cleaning the burners makes it run more efficiently," he said.

Better insulation in the attic and walls can also keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

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