Construction workers, mail carriers in Cleveland battle Mother Nature

CLEVELAND - The arctic air that has moved into our area is the coldest in more than 1,400 days, according to chief meteorologist Mark Johnson.

Once again on Wednesday, temperatures struggled to make it into the double digits. The wind chill makes the cold temperatures even more uncomfortable for people spending any time outside.

But, there are plenty of people who make their living outdoors. Construction workers, police officers, mail carriers just to name a few.

Sandra Lewis has delivered mail for the U.S. Postal Service for 13 years.

"This one is pretty bad, pretty cold. Last year was a piece of cake," Lewis said.

Greg Gilbert clears the snow from commercial parking lots. He spent 14 hours working outside on Tuesday. He said he prepares for the winter weather by dressing properly.

"Insulated gloves, thermal boots and long johns, thermals, all of the above," Gilbert said.

Other workers who make their living by working outside agreed, wear layers, take breaks to warm up and keep moving when possible.

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