Cleveland snow crews continue clearing roads

CLEVELAND - As snow continues to fall, 30 Cleveland snow crews are working to keep the main thoroughfares clear and are trying to get to residential areas.

Cleveland said the goal is to have all streets serviced within 24-36 hours from when snow stops falling, depending on the actual amount of snowfall. 

Primary and secondary roads throughout Cleveland are in fair to good condition and traffic has been moving effectively throughout the city, crews said.

Cleveland residents are still encouraged to park off-street when possible to give snow plows the ability to clear streets curb-to-curb.

If you live in Cleveland and have a snow removal concern, you can call (216) 664-2510.

Meanwhile, ODOT crews had a heavy band of lake effect snow come in and hit the Cuyahoga and Lake counties around 11:30.

"Crews were shifted to cover those areas and clean-up is now in full swing," ODOT's Joycelynn Clemings said. "Roads are clear in most other areas of our District."

Crews will remain on 12-hour shifts until all roads are clear.


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