Cabin Fever? Try these 26 fun, artsy, imaginative ideas for parents with stir-crazy kids

Between the snow and the bitter, sub-zero cold, you’ve been locked inside with your kiddo—or kiddos—for three or four days now. You’re running out of ideas. And sanity.

Check out this list for ways to spark a good time for both you and your little ones.

26+ Ways to Beat Boredom:

Take a bowling trip in your hallway

Get some old button-up shirts and start finger-painting

Turn on the radio and have a dance party, invent dances for odd animals

Go skating in your socks

Play educational apps, like these great games by Toca Boca

Reuse the cardboard tube inside wrapping paper for mock sword-fighting

Make some colorful ice cubes with food dye then have a drink 

Pretend your attic is an exotic destination and go exploring

Have a dress-up movie marathon, putting on costumes like the characters

Try a unique baking project, like Nazook, a sweet walnut rolled pastry

Fold printer paper in half and staple. Make 10 books and tell your kids to start their own library

Practice making snow angels inside if it’s too cold to go out

Hop on rollers coasters and Disney rides …via You Tube

Turn off your real oven and use your imaginary one for some Play Doh apple pies

Blow bubbles …outside if you’re brave (and bundled up)

Make an inside sandbox with a 20-lb bag of rice and cheap dry beans into a box or a tub

Build a robot out of cardboard, tape and glue – paint if you feel fancy

Record your kid telling a story, transcribe and show her how to edit out the umms and ahhs

Planning to paint a wall? Sketch scenes and let him color with crayons. You can prime and paint it later

Start your own foam party, playing in the bathtub with shaving cream

Create a puppet parade with socks and paper bags

Paint your faces with this homemade paint

Craft your own postcards then write and address them to friends and family

Make a mess and then play “Let’s put everything back into the drawers!”

Unleash your little artist with watercolors and paper--throw in Hot Wheels cars for a new experience

Fill pots with small stuff, place the lids on top and make lots of noise 


STILL need more ideas?

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