A different look at recent Cleveland weather using a GoPro camera

'Point-of-view' camera shows snow up-close

CLEVELAND - Now that the wicked winter weather of Wednesday is mostly wrapped up, I was assigned to "go have some fun." So I grabbed our GoPro digital camera and went looking for a different angle on the recent snowfall.

A GoPro camera is a small, mountable camera that can be attached to practically anything -- and goes where we can't take our large professional camera.

At Cleveland's Edgewater Park, I found a few hearty souls out braving the continuing wind and cold and they were receptive to using my little camera -- and duct tape -- to collect some unique winter video.

Nearby neighbors were also welcoming and helpful in my quest to get some creative point-of-view pictures.

Thanks to those who assisted me Thursday afternoon.

Be sure to watch the extra video beneath the player box to see longer clips of the interesting winter situations I captured, including putting the GoPro on a canine.

Happy holidays!

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