Winter's Last Gasp? More cold coming this week to northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - I want everyone to enjoy the warmer temperatures moving in this weekend. And, while you sip away at that chilled beverage while sunning by the pool this weekend, just a reminder: it does snow in April.

During the month of April, we average 2 to 5 inches of snow every year. So far in April 2014, we've had ZERO snow. 

Now, lets focus on what's coming next week. After warm temperatures Saturday, Sunday and Monday, a strong cold front will sweep thru the area by Sunday evening. That will bring a round of thunderstorms and gusty winds with it. But, it will also bring in more COLD! Look at the temperature forecast for Monday afternoon below:

Notice the sharp drop in temperatures thru the 40s quickly behind the front in Western Ohio! Now, look at Tuesday afternoon's forecast temperatures.

What a difference! From the 70s Sunday and Monday, to the middle 30s Tuesday! That's a 40-degree temperature swing.

Now, look at snowfall forecasts for Tuesday below:

While not a lot of snow, the computer models are suggesting some accumulation during the day on Tuesday. Perhaps, even enough to shovel in a few spots.

The bottom line: temperatures will drop well below normal again next Tuesday and Wednesday before gradually climbing back into the 60s by next Friday. Now, where did I leave my glass of ice tea?

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