Weather monster 'Frankenstorm's' Halloween trick-or-treat plans for northeast Ohio could mean snow

CLEVELAND - After a week of sunshine and near record-breaking warmth, our treat is ending and the tricks are coming out to play.

The first indication of this is the cold front that pushed through Friday morning. This is the initial cool down we have been expecting.

Temperatures will stay in the 40s through the weekend thanks to clouds, north winds and periods of rain.

Typically, systems will only impact us for a day or so but the models are trending a bit slow for this one, thanks to Hurricane Sandy in the Atlantic.

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As Sandy slides north up the East Coast, it will shove abundant moisture our direction. This is slowing our weekend system down. As Sandy merges with the cold front, we can expect several days with off-and-on rain along with an increase in wind on Tuesday.

Timing and location of Sandy's path is vital to how much cold air we have in place and how long the wind sticks around. The most reliable models keep northeast Ohio above the crucial freezing mark through next week, so plan for mainly rain, but a wet snow flake is possible late Tuesday into Halloween morning. 

If Sandy's track stays farther east, the cold air will settle into Ohio giving us a much better shot at snow next week.

Needless to say, we will be here monitoring the situation and narrowing down the forecast with each new model run to give you the most updated and accurate forecast.

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