Viewer video confirms tornado touchdown near Monroeville

MONROEVILLE, Ohio - Viewer photos and video confirm at least one tornado in Monroeville Wednesday evening, according to NewsChannel5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson.

Video of the twister was shot by NewsChannel5 viewer Chris Harlan, who was out getting video of the storm at the time. It shows a tornado forming in a field about 300 yards from him. He was standing at the drive-in movie theater on the south side of Route 20, between Monroeville and Norwalk.

The clip shows the tornado forming and intensifying before quickly dissipating. Harlan said when the winds starting picking up, he ran for cover.

Viewer Bridgette Liedorff, who was in the area when the storms hit and a tornado warning was in effect for Huron County, also snapped a photo of a tornado in the same area. The photo was taken in an area between northern Monroeville and northern Norwalk at about 6 p.m.

Johnson said the plume of dust coming up on the ground from around the funnel cloud indicated to him that there was a tornado in the photo. It's not clear if it's the same tornado as the one in the video shot by Harlan.

A tornado appears to be what destroyed two barns in this same area Wednesday night.

NewsChannel5 viewer Greg Haney recorded video of the aftermath of a barn that was destroyed in the area. Pieces of the barn were scattered all over after the severe weather brought down the structure.

Chief Tom Beck with the Huron River Jt. Fire Dist. in Monroeville emailed NewsChannel5 this information about the twister:

"The tornado you were showing the viewers was actually just south of U.S. Rte. 20 moving in a east/southeast direction. The two barns that were hit was about a mile south of U.S.20 on Halfway Ridgefield Twp.and scattered debris from the barns across a field.It also took part of a roof off of a house across the Rd. from the barns. It continued on doing damage on Brown Rd. in Ridgefield Twp. and the took part of a roof off on St.Rte.61 South. As far as we know there were no injuries. If this was on the ground the entire time it would covered about 2 to 3 miles and was reported to be between 100 to 150 yds. wide."

The National Weather Service determined on Thursday that an EF-1 tornado touched down with about 100 mph winds.

Keep checking for more information.

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