Those pops and creaks in your house: Blame the cold weather

CLEVELAND - Local residents reporting strange noises in their homes? Blame the weather.

My wife texted me tonight at work: "The house is making a lot of loud popping noises. Is this normal?"

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Many of you are reporting the same thing. Loud bangs or pops. In fact, near Green Bay, Wisconsin in one weekend, police received 11 calls from homeowners worried about gunshots or possible intruders breaking into their homes. All incidents ended up being nothing more than the house making loud noises all by itself.

For this, you can blame the cold weather. Its a basic law of physics -- warm things expand, colder things contract.

The extreme and rapid drop to record-setting low temperatures (-15° F), causes a rapid shrinking in all building materials exposed to the cold.

While the house stays warm on the inside, the siding and exterior boards are reacting to the extreme cold temperatures on the outside. The cold causes the outside of your home to quickly shrink. This puts stress on joints, nails and bolts. When the pressure is released quickly, the result is a loud popping noise or "bang."

Some folks may find new cracks in drywall or around windows and doors as adjoining boards and pieces of siding move away from each other.


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