Snow, rain? Thanksgiving weather normally cool, wet in Northern Ohio

CLEVELAND - After all, it is late November by the time we sit down to give thanks and enjoy food and family on Thanksgiving. Maybe that's why most of our Thanksgiving Days here in Northern Ohio are cool and wet.

The average temperature on Thanksgiving here is a chilly 48 degrees. What's more, since 1900, Northern Ohio has seen some type of precipitation on Turkey Day 77 out of the 112 years!

Most of the time that is rain. But we are no stranger to Thanksgiving snows either. In 1936, Greater Clevelanders were buried under 11.6 inches of snow.

Pass the stuffing and the snow shovels! Since 1900, snow of 1/2 inch or more fell on 15 Thanksgiving parades. And there was measurable snow on the ground 31 times since 1900.

The warmest Thanksgiving ever occurred in 1940. That day we saw temperatures soar up to 66 degrees. The coldest Thanksgiving Day occurred in 1930. Temperatures that morning dropped to a frigid 8 degrees above zero!

This year, we will be the warmest since 1983. That year, our high reached 63 degrees. We should come close to that today. Enjoy!

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