Snow in April very common in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - It snows in Cleveland in April frequently. In fact, it's also snowed in May.

After such a mild winter and a warm March, where temperatures were the warmest on record in Cleveland, an average start to April has felt much cooler than that. Our temperatures have been near normal, and this week, many of us saw some light snow. Quite a shock after the March we were lucky enough to have.

So, as we all know, it does snow in April in Cleveland. In fact, on average we get a bit more than 3 inches of snow in April. But did you know, it's also snowed in May?  Yes, in May.

Back in 1907, we received about a half inch of snow on May 10, a month from now in Cleveland. That's the latest we've had measurable snowfall, but it's also snowed on May 20 back in 2002. That day, 10 years ago, we had a trace of snow at Hopkins.

So, if you hear someone complaining about the April snow, let them know it could be a whole lot worse.

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