Recent cold spell is a record breaker

CLEVELAND - It seems like you only hear about record warmth these days. But the recent cold air that spilled south across the plains and the Great Lakes shattered many US cold weather records. Didn't hear about it?

According to the website , "Some spots were 25-30 below normal, breaking record-cold lows. Some records over 100 years old!" Wow.

The graphic included in the picture section at the top of this page shows the records broken across the United State between Oct. 6 and Oct 8. Here are some of the highlights:

Total Records: 787

Rainfall: 28
Snowfall: 38
High Temperatures: 2
Low Temperatures: 189
Lowest Max Temperatures: 513
Highest Min Temperatures: 17

Sunday morning's low temperature near Leroy, Colo., reached 22 degrees. That breaks the record of 24 degrees set way back in 1896.

The cold even reached down into Texas where 12 stations set new record low temperatures. In Oakdale, Imperial, & Greeley, Nebraska, temperatures plummeted to 15 degrees early Sunday morning, Oct. 7. All three thermometers broke record lows dating back to 1935. In Demopolis Lake, Ala., Sunday's low temperature dropped to 25 degrees. This obliterates the old record low of 40 set back in 1963.

For the week of Oct. 1 through Oct. 8, 2012, the cold weather records were just as impressive. According to NOAA , the number of record low temperatures (1154) across the US last week, more than doubles the amount of high temperatures (449).

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