Recent Cleveland heat impressive, yet falls short of the 1988 heat wave

CLEVELAND - Our recent bout with temperatures rising above the 90 degree mark is impressive, but pales in comparison to the summer of 1988.

It's been hot so far in 2012. In fact, we've already had 14 days where we've hit the 90 degree mark. In July alone, we've topped 90 five times. Keep in mind, normally in Cleveland, we only see about nine days of 90-plus degree heat.

So, we're certainly warmer than normal. But, when you look back to historic year of 1988, our recent heat wave doesn't even compare.

In 1988, Cleveland saw a whopping 36 days where the mercury climbed to 90 or above. Even though we have about eight to 10 weeks left of potential summer-like heat, we'd have to go on some hot streak to flirt with 1988.

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