N'oreaster: Next winter storm sets its sights on New York and East Coast

CLEVELAND - Millions are still without power from this week's mega storm Sandy, with of those most of those are along the East Coast in New York and New Jersey.

But, before most have time to count their losses, news now of another storm that will take aim and New York and the East Coast next week. Current computer forecasts are already hinting at another major storm hit late next Wednesday or Thursday for those coastal area already reeling.

The two big forecast models, the GFS  and the EURO, both predict a low pressure system developing somewhere along the South Carolina coast by Tuesday of next week. While this will not be another hurricane, the storm is expected to intensify into a N'oreaster early Wednesday near Cape Hatteras.

The forecasts differ slightly on where the storm goes from there. The GFS forecast keeps the storm out over the ocean, skirting by Long Island and moving onshore with high winds and heavy rain and snow between Massachusetts and Maine.

The other forecast the EURO, is much less kind to our East Coast friends. It takes the center of this strong storm over Long Island closer to New York City. High winds and heavy rains from this scenario would surely compound the clean-up efforts already under way there.

Both scenarios bring colder air in behind the storm across the Lower Great lakes into Ohio. That would likely mean some Lake Effect snow for some of us in the NewsChannel5 viewing area by late Thursday into Friday of next week. Stay tuned.

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