More cold marching in: Brief warm-up before northeast Ohio gets another blast of cold

CLEVELAND - After a brief warm-up in temperatures this week, more cold air will pour in for next week.

Winter is NOT over. I'm very sad to have to be the one to break it to you. Hey, I want warmer weather as much as the rest of you. But, unfortunately, the messenger still has to deliver the message.

Average highs for the second and third weeks of March are near 45 degrees. Look at the latest computer guidance ensembles below. This is for the period of March 12 thru March 16. Notice the cold air once again entrenched south thru the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf Coast. So, after a few days of temperatures near to slightly above normal this week, we will likely drop again. The cold blues and greens and whites suggest temperatures will average 5 to 7 degrees below normal for Northern Ohio.

Temperatures should moderate a bit by late in the month. But, overall, March temperatures (BELOW) are predicted to average between 3 & 5 degrees below normal. The cold trend continues...



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