Trending toward cool: More chilly weather likely to begin August

CLEVELAND - Heat-lovers are going to be disappointed as we move into August.

The next batch of very chilly air, by late July and August standards, is poised to drop in as the clock strikes August 1, 2014. Or even a day or so before then. Several of the computer "models" we use are suggesting another BIG cool down to begin August. Where we normally have hot and muggy, we look to again have cool and fall-like. Take a look at the latest computer guidance products below.

Notice this American Computer Model known as the GFS. Its shows, above, a stark cold pool of air over areas east of the Rockies on July 31 into August 1. That's the blue and green colors. This graphic shows us "anomalies." That is: how far above or below average temperatures are expected to be for that period of time. Notice to core of the cool is over Ohio.

Notice, nestled in amongst the cool green colors, is an elongated area of purple stretching from North Central Ohio down into Tennessee. This forecast is hinting at temperatures on the 29 of July to average 16 to 20 degrees BELOW normal. Average highs are in the lower 80s for that day.

Now, keep in mind, this is many days away. It will likely change and adjust a bit as the forecast period gets closer. The important point to note here is the TREND. Its, once a gain a TREND TOWARD COOLER during a time when we traditionally are very warm. So, the heat of summer is once again likely to be missing in action....

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