Meteorological Winter ends with cold temperatures

CLEVELAND - Meteorological Winter ends with average temperatures well below normal.

Congratulations. You made it. Winter is over. Well, at least to us weather folk it is. You see, records are kept month to month. So, Winter, to the Meteorological Community consists of December, January and February. So, March 1st technically begin Meteorological Spring.

So, now is the time to look back on the Winter that was for 2013-14. Most notably: temperatures. Take a look at the analysis of Winter Temperatures across the United States since December 1st. What stands out are the cold blues and greens across a large portion of the country. Here in Ohio, as you can see, winter temperatures averaged for the three month period between 1 and 4 degrees BELOW normal!

Here are some specific numbers for Northern Ohio's bigger cities:

For Cleveland: November temperatures finished .4 degrees BELOW the average with snowfall tallying up at 17.5 inches. December saw temperatures average 6.4 degrees BELOW normal with snowfall at 23.7 inches. February in Cleveland was even colder coming in at 8 degrees BELOW the average for the month with snow piling up to 23.8 inches.

For Akron, Canton & Mansfield, the results were similar:

February Temps: 6 degrees BELOW normal. Snowfall = 17.0"
January Temps: 5.4 degrees BELOW average. Snowfall = 19.1"
December Temps: 1.1 degrees ABOVE average. Snowfall = 12.1"

February Temps: 7 degrees BELOW average. Snowfall = 16.3"
January Temps:  6.7 degrees BELOW average. Snowfall = 19.6"
December Temps: .7 degrees ABOVE average. Snowfall = 15.3"

Keep in mind, that none of these month finish in the top 10 for coldest months in any Northern Ohio City. And...snowfall totals for each month in each city were all above average!

Hurry up Spring!

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