May forecast is about warm vs. cold

CLEVELAND - The battle is on. Warm air is coming. But will the cold air win out in May?

So many of you are losing your patience. You want the warm air to arrive and to STAY here in Northern Ohio.

Well, I've got some good news for you. Take a look at the high temperatures for next Thursday, May 8, 2014. (BELOW)

Yes. Those temperatures are flirting with 80 degrees. Actually, the mild air arrives Wednesday afternoon as a warm front cross the region. Highs on Wednesday should reach up to near 70.

Unfortunately, a cold front will slide east thru the area Friday night. Highs next Friday should, once again, climb into the 70s. That front (BELOW) will stir up a line of stronger thunderstorms during the afternoon.

Behind that front, temperatures will likely dip down to near normal for Mother's Day. Highs will likely hang around the 60 degree mark on Sunday. Temperatures the next week look to stay near or below normal thru the 15th of May. So once again, the warm arrives, but does not stay. The cool wins out thru mid May.