Look inside the brand new Power of 5 weather center

CLEVELAND - If you've noticed our newscasts look a little different, you'd be correct. NewsChannel 5 just unveiled our new news set, as well as new graphics.

But, our weather center has also gone through an upgrade as well.

You'll notice the changes mostly from when our weather team is delivering quick weather information from our new set. That's when our production team will take shots of us in the weather center.

In the first picture is what we see when standing at the weather desk. We have four different monitors, each doing something unique. The one on the far left is our Internet computer, where we can update our weather web stories on newsnet5.com, examine forecast model data and post information to Twitter and Facebook. The second computer is our weather graphics display system. This is the computer we use to create and modify our weather graphics. It also plays our shows on the air.

The two computers on the right control our Power of 5 Live Doppler Radar Network. One computer displays the radar, the other manipulates it. These computers really get put to work during severe weather.

The second photo shows a long row of six different computers. Each of these has a function. You may see these in the background during a shot taken in the weather center. Starting on the left is our second weather graphics computer. It does what our first one does, but serves as another workstation, so two of us can work on building graphics at the same time. The one next to it is our prism computer. This machine updates all our weather graphics on newsnet5.com.

The next machines in photo two are data machines. These two machines ingest all our radar, satellite, temperature and whatever else data we need. If one of these goes down, we're in trouble. That's why we have two. One backs up the other. The fifth computer is the data ingest computer for our Power of 5 Radar machines. Finally, all the way to the right is our alert computer. This computer runs all our weather crawl that we put up during severe weather. The computer automatically generates these crawls and puts the correct information on air.

The final photo, as you can see, is our green screen. This is where we do our main weather segment. There are two monitors on each side and another one in the camera.

So, there you have it. Our new weather center at NewsChannel 5. We've also designed new weather graphics to match our new news graphics, look for those, too.


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