Lake Erie still showing ice as of early May

CLEVELAND - It is hard to believe we are still talking about ice on Lake Erie during the first few days of May. But, the pictures don't lie. As of early May 1, Lake Erie was still measuring 3 percent ice coverage! (BELOW)

The ice was located in the Eastern Basin of the Lake Near Buffalo NY. The prevailing westerly winds have shifted the lingering ice in that direction over the past several weeks.

This is still extraordinary to have ice this late in the season. Three percent ice coverage is the highest amount of ice on Lake Erie as of May 1 in the satellite record, that began in 1972. That leaves this year's ice concentration in a virtual tie with two other previous years: 1982 and 1985.

Will there still be ice on Lake Erie next week? Probably. Back on May 7, 1982, Lake Erie still had 2 percent ice.

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