Labor Day Forecast: Holiday weekend weather can be fickle in Northern Ohio

CLEVELAND - It's never snowed on Labor Day in Cleveland. After that, we've pretty much experienced most other kinds of weather on Labor Day in Northern Ohio.

Is rains on about one out of every three Labor Days in Northern Ohio. The most rain on any Labor Day occurred in 1944 when a soaking 1.6 inches of rain fell on Cleveland. No measurable rain fell on any Labor Day from 1959 to 1970. That's 12 years in a row.

In 1976, Northern Ohioans woke up to cold low temperatures. Cleveland bottomed out at 40 degrees that morning. That's the coldest Labor Day temperature on record.

The warmest End of Summer Holiday in the Greater Cleveland area occurred in 1954. On that day, the pool or beach was the only way to stay cool as high temperatures soared to an oppressive 98 degrees!

The coolest high temperature for any Labor Day happened twice. In 1904 & 1908, the high temperatures climbed up to only 64 degrees—imagine grilling out in sweaters!

This year, highs in the 80s looks good for all of the area with a small chance for an isolated storm or two. Have a great holiday weekend!


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