JUNE FORECAST: Warmer weather finally takes control

CLEVELAND - I can't remember the last time it took until the second week of May for the trees to leaf out in my yard and finally begin to provide some shade.

Pollen season has also been delayed. Our highest tree pollen reading of the 2014, via the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland, occurred on Wednesday May 14. It was a whopping 2,400 grains of pollen/meter cubed of air. Very high indeed. But, at least, a week later than normal peak tree pollen.

So, to say spring so far, has been a bit cool seems reasonable. Well, here's some better news. June is coming, and with it,  warmer air. Warmer air that stays around a while.

Current computer forecasts suggest June temperatures will end up close to average for the month (see below). Average high temperatures rise through the 70s in June.

As for lots of extreme heat, it doesn't look like June will scorcher for any particular long period of time. If you are looking to plan some great beach or pool time, it appears the best week for temperatures to soar above normal will be between June 12 and June 17. Temperatures should have no trouble rising into the 85 to 90 degree range (see below). Otherwise, the majority of June days will feature temperatures near normal or slightly below normal.

But, hey, at least its finally warmer.