July 2012: 2nd warmest month in Cleveland on record, only matched by 1955

CLEVELAND - July 2012 will go down in the record books as the second warmest month in Cleveland on record.

In July, we had 11 days of 90-plus degree heat, more than we typically see during an entire year in Cleveland. The only year that saw a warmer July was back in 1955.

When we talk about our warm history, we average out the highs and lows for the month. This July, our average high was just above 87 and the low was just under 69. The average temperature this July was 78 degrees.

July 1955 saw an average temperature of 79.1 degrees, still ranking as No. 1. This July is a full degree shy of that, but warmer than July 2011, when we averaged 77.6. So, two of the last three years have seen the warmest Julys.

Also to note: July 2012 will be ranked as No. 2 hottest month all time for ANY MONTH in Cleveland, not just July. Again, the only month hotter was July 1955.

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