Indian Summer: Several days of warmer-than-normal temperatures expected

CLEVELAND - You hear the term, "Indian Summer" constantly thrown out there in the fall when we see warm sunshine. But, is it truly an "Indian Summer?"

A week or so ago, all of northern Ohio saw our growing season end with a frost and/or freeze. That's the first step in having an "Indian Summer." Of course, the second step is a stretch of warmer than average temperatures. For us in northern Ohio, anytime you hit 70 or better in October, than can be considered much warmer than normal.

So, like a summer heat wave, which needs three straight 90 degree days here, and "Indian Summer" should also need a couple, or three, days of warmth. We should get there this week with at least four straight days of near-70 degree warmth.

Now, perhaps the only way it may not be the ideal "Indian Summer," is the lack of haze. The strict definition, which isn't that strict, says we need some smoke or haze in the atmosphere. We'll see a bit of haze, but not a lot. Also, our winds will be a bit gusty towards the end of the week. The official "Indian Summer" definition says we shouldn't have windy conditions, instead calm winds.

Another issue is the rain in the forecast for Tuesday. While it'll still be warm, rain isn't synonymous with an "Indian Summer." The rain clears by Wednesday and Thursday, as temps soar into the middle 70s. That's when the term will be flying around.

So, perhaps this week isn't the perfect example of an "Indian Summer," but it's as close as we're going to to get. Enjoy!

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