Impressive rainfall totals slam Northern Ohio again

CLEVELAND - Mother Nature is picking up where she left off in April. You remember April, don't you? Cold and wet, with 7-inches of rain set an all-time high for April rainfall in Cleveland.

After a few days of warm weather, the atmosphere has shifted back to that all-too-familiar cooler pattern with lots of rain. In fact, If you look at the graphic I've included here, you can see just how much rain:


In the past eight days, parts of Northern Ohio has received more than 4-inches of rain. The heaviest rains have been scattered, thanks to the scattered nature of the thunderstorms that dropped the rain. But, as you can see in the graphic, everybody shared in at least some rain over the last week.

We have several bullseyes for heavy rainfall since May 8. Note the green circles on the graphic. This is where the heaviest rains have caused flooded roadways and flooded basements. Middlefield in southeastern Geauga County has been pounded. Two rounds of severe storms Thursday and Friday dropped golf ball sized hail and more than 4-inches of rain. Another 4+ inches of rain was registered between Ashland & Shiloh. Also, 2-4 inches of rain also fell across the southern half of Ashtabula County and virtually all of Geauga County in the last week. The same goes for Ashland, Medina and Stark Counties.

8-day rain totals:

Cleveland = 1.62"
Chippewa Lake = 2.54"
Akron = 1"
Canton = 2.25"
Youngstown = 2" - 3"
Wooster = 2.6"
Ashtabula = 1.75"
Mansfield = 1.5" - 2"  

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