Historic winter now setting records for snowfall

CLEVELAND - The winter of 2013-14 is now setting records for snowfall across Northern Ohio.

The snow just keeps on adding up! Cleveland Hopkins Airport's seasonal snowfall currently sits at 77 inches. That's running 18.6 inches ABOVE average. Akron/Canton's snowfall is 64.5 inches for the season. That's 24" above average. And, winter isn't over yet.

What's more: Cleveland is just 2.4 inches of snow away from reaching the TOP 10 snowiest winters on record. Akron, Canton and Mansfield are already in the rankings.

Snowfall for Canton and Akron currently ranks 9th on the All-Time Snowiest Winters list. They are less than 1 inch away from leap-frogging the winters of 2010-11 and 1993-94 into 7th place on the list.

Current 2013-14 snowfall for Mansfield's Lahm Airport is 59.1 inches. It's now the 8th snowiest winter on record for that city.

But, the most impressive snowfall record comes from our neighbor just down the turnpike. Toledo has SMASHED its old seasonal snowfall record. The current 2013-14 winter snow total at Toledo is 84.8 inches. That's an amazing 51 inches ABOVE AVERAGE for the season. It now the number one snowiest winter EVER in Toledo, beating out number two 1977-78 by 11.7 inches!

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