Hail, waterspout and double rainbow...oh my!

CLEVELAND - Mother Nature provided some great photos this weekend in and around Cleveland. In 24 hours, we saw rain, hail, a waterspout and a double rainbow.

The start of fall severe weather alerts Saturday, with rain and hail falling down on much of northeast Ohio. It made for a unique sight, seeing "ice mulch and summer flowers" as one viewer wrote.

(Follow this link to watch heavy rain and hail viewer video: http://on.wews.com/QO764l)

Gusty winds during a brief storm in Austinburg even brought down a tree on a pickup truck. It crushed the cab, but narrowly missed the driver. Luckily, the storms moved out of areas almost as quickly as they swept in.

On Sunday, more rain fell and skies were full of ominous clouds for much of the morning and into the early afternoon in many cities throughout Cuyahoga County and the surrounding area.

Our wild fall weather even created a waterspout over Lake Erie. Viewers in Avon, Sheffield Lake and Lorain sent us photos of the spout on the lake, with many questioning if it could be a tornado. Our meteorologists confirmed conditions weren't right for a twister and it was indeed a waterspout, which is common this time of year.

(Click the link to see video of the waterspout: http://on.wews.com/QsUodI)

Despite a rough Sunday for Cleveland Browns fans, those leaving the stadium got to see a welcoming sight: not one, but a double rainbow. Viewers from Cleveland, University Heights and Beachwood sent in photos of the colorful sight.

(Follow this link to see video of the rainbow: http://on.wews.com/NLriGo)

Northeast Ohio wound down the day under a pink and orange sky, a bright way to end a rather gloomy day. But Mother Nature isn't done. Temperatures will fall in the overnight hours, prompting a frost advisory for inland counties.

Welcome to Ohio, fall!

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