Dress like a pro: The 3 layers you must wear to keep from freezing in the Arctic cold

As the temperature plunges across the Cleveland area this week, it's important to remember to dress appropriately for the extreme cold.

According to weather.com, you should wear three different kinds of layers.

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#1) Wicking

The first layer should be a wicking layer such as long underwear made of synthetic polyester or silk. Those fabrics move moisture away from your skin and pass it through the fabric, helping to keep you warm and dry.

#2) Insulating

Next, put on an insulating layer – a sweater or sweatshirt made of fleece or wool. That will help keep the heat in and the cold out.

#3) Protective

Finally, wear a protection layer such as a winter shell coat and snow pants. The layers should be waterproof and breathable.

Remember to supplement the layers with hand wear, headwear and footwear.

Most importantly, wear a heat. Up to 60 percent of your body heat can be lost through your head without a hat, according to weather.com. Gloves, mittens and socks made of waterproof, breathable fabric are best.

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