Coast Guard rescues 11 who became disoriented on Lake Erie during snowstorm

MARBLEHEAD, Ohio - The Coast Guard had to help 11 people who became disoriented during the weekend snowstorm on Lake Erie.

The crew from Coast Guard Station Marblehead responded to the area off Catawba Island.

Initially, four ice fishermen called 911 to say that they had become disoriented and couldn't find their way back to shore.

Dispatchers used their cell phones to obtain a GPS location, where the Coast Guard airboat crew met the fishermen and began escorting them to land.

The Coast Guard said the fishermen had too much gear to load onto the airboat, so they walked alongside the airboat as it headed to shore.

As they were on the way in, the boat crew encountered three more people who were also disoriented, and escorted them back, as well. While the boat crew was escorting those seven people, they were notified of four additional people, two on a four-wheeler and two on a three-wheeler, who were also lost off Catawba Island.

Everyone got back to shore safely.

The Coast Guard recommends that those who recreate on the ice check weather conditions before going out and always carry signaling devices.

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