Baseball season means we're done with snow, right?

CLEVELAND - It's April and our Cleveland Indians are already blasting home runs out of Progressive Field. The Boys of Summer are in full swing. That means we can pack the winter coats and boots in the attic until the end of the year, right? 

Not quite. April in Ohio can still be quite snowy! On average, 3.3" of snow falls in the month of April in Cleveland but in 2005, we set the record for snowiest Aprils at 19 inches! As a matter of fact, only TWICE in the past 100 years have we been snow free. We measured less than a trace in 1925 and 1941. As of April 5th, we're still snow-free on the month!

It's not just the snow that makes April an interesting Spring month, it's the cold also. Freezing temperatures are still common through most of the month. Our average last freeze (32º) date is April 21st. I don't want to jinx anything but the latest freeze at Cleveland Hopkins Int'l Airport in June 11 back in 1972! Let's hope we don't get close to that one. 

It's not all snow and cold though... We've also had our early season heat. In the past 120 years, we've never hit 90º but we DID hit 88º. Three times actually. Once in 1925, 1942 and 1986. So it's possible, think warm thoughts!