Back-to-back clippers and 2nd big cold blast: Next 7 days a wild weather ride for Northern Ohio

CLEVELAND - The next 7 days will be a memorable weather ride for Northern Ohio.

Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve for us through the end of January. Of course, this week, its been all about the cold. Low temperatures for most of us Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were zero degrees or below with wind chills to -15. A few kids even got the day off from school due to the cold.

The cold air will remain the focus thru Friday. Take a look at the forecast lows as we get up and go Friday morning below. More sub-zero temperatures on the way. With lighter winds in the forecast, wind chills should remain manageable. And most kids will likely have school. But, wow! What a cold end to the week...

The weekend will bring most of Northern Ohio a good bit of snow. Not one, but TWO Alberta Clipper storm systems will slide across the state thru Sunday night. Alberta Clippers are fast moving low-pressure systems that originate over Alberta Province, Canada. They then slide southeast thru the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Because of limited moisture with these systems, snow fall usually ranges from 1 to about 3 inches. Occasionally you can get a little more.

We see our first clipper system arrive late Friday night and linger thru about noon on Saturday. This first hit of snow should bring about 1-3 inches to most of Northern Ohio by early Saturday afternoon. That's enough to make you have to get out and shovel the walkway.

The SECOND Clipper will arrive Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. This one looks a little stronger. Right now, snowfall totals look to be in the 2-4 inch range with a few spots grabbing 5 inches by sunrise Monday morning.

Take a look at the result of those two systems. Snow totals in some spots could exceed 6 inches from Friday night thru early Monday. That's enough to shovel for many of you!

After the 2nd clipper moves by, the flood gates will open again for more Arctic air! This next batch, which looks to linger for much of next week, could rival the cold we saw here at the beginning of January. Look at the low temperature forecasts for Tuesday morning, January 28th (BELOW). Yep. Some spots could drop to well below -10 degrees by sunrise. Wind chills would once again likely surpass -30 degrees. What's amazing here is: It is extremely rare to see two cold blasts like this in the same month.

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