August temperatures look cooler than normal

CLEVELAND - Good news; August doesn't look to be as cool as July. Still, the heat will likely will have a hard time hanging around for any length of time. 

Its been the same pattern all season long. A couple of days of heat and then several days of cooler than normal temperatures.

In July, Greater Cleveland saw 22 of the 31 days finish with below normal temperatures. Here's how August is shaping up.

Look at the first 10 days of the month below:

The cool blues, once again, mean cooler than normal temperatures. About two to three degrees below normal for the first 10 days of the month.

Now here's the last 10 days of the month:

Computer forecasts suggest most days through the month are cooler than normal by a degree or two through August 25. Then, a nice warm-up into early September.

Still the monthly temperatures average out below normal again for Northern Ohio by a degree or two.