August 2013 was cooler and drier than normal for northern Ohio

August 2013: Cooler, drier

CLEVELAND - August 2013 started off wet, picking up where July left off.

In fact, to begin the month, Cleveland saw eight days of rain (at least a trace) out of its first 10. After that, we dried things out, and really cooled it off.

Take a look at our temperature trend for August.

In August 2013, we had ZERO 90 degree days. That is extremely rare. In fact, that hasn't happened in at least the past five years in Cleveland.

We had seven 90 degree days in 2012.

We had 12 days in August where the high temperature didn't make it into the 80s, and more than half our days saw highs below normal.

Overall, our average temperature for the month (high and low) was 71. That's a full degree below normal.

Rainfall-wise, while we had many days of rain, we only saw 2.8 inches of rain, almost an inch shy of normal. We didn't see those consistent heavy rain thunderstorms in August, and that kept our totals down.

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