58 inches of snow in Cleveland: 13 inches above normal for the season

Lake Erie is most snow-covered since 1994

CLEVELAND - The snow has fallen and then stayed for much of this winter so far.

Its not your imagination. We've been staring at snow for a very long time. The stats from Cleveland Hopkins Airport don't lie.

Since Jan.1, 2014, we've had measurable snow on the ground 40 out of 45 days (that includes today). What's more: we've had snow on the ground a whopping 29 days in a row. That's almost a month.

Snow totals for Cleveland so far are at about 58 inches. That's 13 inches above normal for the season.

Remember last year, when we finished the season 18 inches BELOW normal for snow fall? Mother nature is making up for that deficit this year! 

What's more: Lake Erie is 96 percent ice covered. That's the most since 1994.

Incidentally, Lake Erie has reached 100 percent ice cover three times in the last 40 years: 1978, 1979 and 1994. We could get close to that 100 percent by Monday morning. Stay tuned!

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