FORECAST: Rain tries to make a return for your Friday

CLEVELAND - Power of 5 Meteorologist Tera Blake is tracking showers and even a few thunderstorms for your Friday.

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Our dry weather comes to a brief end as high pressure moves out and a cold front moves in. 

Tonight clouds will be on the increase keeping temperatures in the 60s with a light south wind. 

Showers and even a few thunderstorms will greet you on Friday morning. The problem with this rain chance is a lack of moisture. We are very dry for this time of the year with dew points in the 40s, and even struggle on Friday to up them into the 50s. Dew points are a measure of moisture in the air so rain will be falling from the clouds but evaporating before hitting the surface, especially at the beginning of this next rain event.  If you are hoping for a yard helper, not likely. .10" is all that is expected but higher amounts with a few embedded thunderstorms. No severe weather is predicted! Timing for Friday's rain: start near 8-9am and ending by 5pm from West to East. 

HOLIDAY WEEKEND WX: Will be pure sunshine with highs near 80 degrees. Monday will be dry for most and more humid at near 80 degrees.  A warm front looks to set up shop by July 4th near Columbus.  If you are doing any traveling early next week, this will be the focal point of shower and thunderstorm activity. Farther north near us, we are likely to remain dry but there is a small chance that a few showers and thunderstorms could creep north up to the Rt. 30 line. We will keep you updated! Fireworks could be impacted but again models not consistent with this activity as we have to wait to see where this front sets up and stays! 

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