Forecast: Cloudy Monday night, mostly sunny Election Day

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We're seeing clouds trying to thin out across the west, while holding steady CLE and east. Lows tonight will drop into the middle 30s, but upper 20s and low 30s are possible where skies clear.

ELECTION DAY: Mainly sunny with a cold start in the 30s. Highs reaching into the middle and upper 40s by afternoon.

A cold front will move into the area by late Tues and into Wed that could bring us a shower, as temps will stay in the 40s for highs. A warmup is in store for Fri into the upcoming weekend, where highs could approach 60.

A disturbance crossing the Great Lakes will keep skies cloudy today.

It's sunny in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, but still cloudy in Northern Ohio. The only hope for sunshine lies in southern Ashland, Richland and possibly Holmes Counties later this afternoon.

Under the clouds, temperatures won't climb much today. Look for highs near 43 degrees.

With high pressure building overhead and partly cloudy skies overnight, we're in for a chill! Lows will drop to freezing near the lake and low-to-mid 20s south.

It will be a cold start to Election Day, but sunshine will warm temperatures to 46 degrees in the afternoon.

A weak front will brush Ohio Wednesday, increasing cloud cover. However, rain chances will be limited.

Sunshine returns Thursday and temperatures start to climb as warm air arrives from the south. Highs will jump to the low 50s Friday, upper 50s Saturday and near 60 degrees by Sunday!

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