Forecast: Lake Effect Snow Warning in effect from Monday to Wednesday

CLEVELAND - I'm Meteorologist Jason Nicholas continuing our weather web coverage today.  For more weather updates, follow me on Twitter @ JasonNweather and also on Facebook here.

Lake Effect Snow Warning in effect from Monday morning through Wednesday for Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties. Winds will set up out of the west for several days feeding lake effect snow squalls. Highest snowfall totals could reach as high as 1' where squalls persist. Total accumulations could range 12-20 inches in the heaviest bands, WHERE SQUALLS PERSIST.

Outside the warning area, I expect cold and windy. We should only see a few inches there by Wed.

Tuesday's forecast high of 12, could be the coldest day in Cleveland since January 16, 2009. We reached 2 degrees for high that day, and had a low drop to a beyond bone chilling, -13!

Update: Cold and breezy this afternoon with a few light now showers. Wind chills are holding in the single digits with an occasional wind gust to 30mph. Any light snow showers will linger into the evening so plan be careful driving around. Road should stay snow free though until tomorrow.

12:10 pm Update: Light snow continuing to fall across parts of northern Ohio. Any accumulations should stay less than 1" through the afternoon. In addition to the snow, dress in layers. Temperatures are in the 20s with wind chills in the single digits. 

10:25 am Update: Winds are still gusting as high as 40mph but will start to relax over the next hour or so. Expect winds the rest of the day to stay breezy wit gusty to 25mph, nowhere near what we saw overnight last night. Temps are still in the 20s, and that will not change all day keeping wind chills in the teens. Light snow still falling across the lakeshore counties. Accumulations are less than 1/4" so far. Stay up to date on the weather forecast and expect winter weather to impact your outdoor plans.

9:34 am Update: the cold air has arrived and will keep us in the 20s all Sunday. Cold temps plus windy northwest winds will also continue to hold wind chills in the low-teens through today also. Be sure to dress in layers and grab the heavy winter coat before you head out.

As far as snow goes, We'll continue to watch light snow through the rest of the morning down wind of Lake Erie. Currently, There is a swath of light now falling from Lorain to Ashtabula county. 

Over the past month we've been talking about this blast of cold air that is likely to move in toward the end of the month. Well here it is. Last night's strong winds have ushered in some air straight from the arctic. Temperatures throughout the day today will stay in the 20s under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. In addition to cold temps, the winds will be stay breezy keeping wind chills in the teens. be sure to grab the heavy coat before you head out. 

Any snow should be light and sparse through the afternoon. We'll have to wait until later in the day for the lake effect snow to set up. Closer to sunset and after we'll see a lake effect snow band or two set up in the snow belt. Expect minor accumulations through Monday morning. Throughout Monday, current forecasts intensify the snow and the cold. We'll see temperatures holding in the teens for the first half of the work-week as northwest winds continue to stay breezy. That also means lake effect snow will stick around until late Wednesday. 

Not everyone will get the snow with this storm but everyone will get the cold. Plan for mornings in the single digits with wind chills below zero. 

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