Forecast: Warmer, wet and windy for Sunday, cooler Monday

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We're seeing an lull into the overnight as a warm front moves north. I wouldn't be surprised if we see several hours of dry weather overnight into Sunday morning. Through the day, our rain chances will increase west to east.

Showers are moving into western Ohio and will be around much of the evening, especially Columbus and north. There might be some embedded thunder as well. Showers should start to taper off later tonight and into the overnight.

Winds will also be a big weather story into Sunday. We could see winds gusting to near 45 mph. Temps will soar into the 70s. We'll have to watch for thunderstorms Sunday afternoon. Some could be strong to even severe.

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Afternoon Update: Temperatures are warming quickly under a sun and clouds mix. Expect lower to middle 60s for afternoon highs before the rain arrives. The afternoon rain should hold north and over the lake but this evening we all get in on the action. Expect widespread rain from west to east starting close to 6pm and before pushing through by midnight. A few showers will linger along the lake overnight but mush of your Sunday will be dry. Sunday evening is when our next round of strong storms pushes through Ohio. Enjoy the warmth while it's here, Fall returns next week!

A surge of warm air from the Gulf of Mexico will give us quite the change-up for the weekend. Temperatures today will warm into the lower and middle 60s under a mainly sunny sky. With the warmer air comes moisture also. Rain will push into our western counties as early as 6 o'clock this evening. The rain will push through the entire viewing area this evening and overnight. Areas inland will dry out after midnight but a few showers will linger along the lake.

Sunday will start on a mild note with temps still holding in the upper 50s. The sunshine will return to our sky throughout the day so plan for another quick warm-up. Highs Sunday afternoon will touch the middle 70s! Breezy south winds and bright sunshine teaming up with gulf moisture brings a return of "Spring-like" air. This also brings a return of storms. Expect a line of strong storms to roll through Ohio Late Sunday and into early Monday.

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