VIDEO: Geese, babies shut down I-71

CINCINNATI - Interstate 71 in southwest Ohio was shut down twice Wednesday evening when two geese and their babies blocked the highway.

Dozens of cars had to slow down or veer out of the way to avoid hitting the geese south of Kenwood Road in Cincinnati at about 5:15 p.m.

"There are geese walking down the middle of the highway with, like, babies and people are swerving around and somebody's gonna get in an accident," reported a 911 caller Wednesday.

The geese eventually moved to the shoulder in between north and southbound I-71 as cars drove by. Police showed up a short time later and blocked traffic while they guided the geese safely across the interstate and into the grass.

Less than 30 minutes later, traffic was again brought to a standstill after the geese returned to the roadway near Stewart Road. Officers were again forced to shut down the southbound lanes while they helped the geese move to a safe distance off the interstate.

Northbound traffic was also delayed because of people slowing down to look.

Fort Wright resident Molly Reynolds had just turned onto the interstate when the geese first started to walk in the road.

"We were all stopped and everybody was taking a turn getting up close. They'd stop, drive slowly around in case they decided to go in another direction," she said.

Reynolds added that everyone was very patient.

No geese or humans were hurt during the incident.

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