TRAFFIC: New Innerbelt Bridge to open in stages, will change daily commute

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's new Innerbelt Bridge is set to open fully to traffic in late November. The Ohio Department of Transportation will roll out changes to your commute as early as November 9.

Scheduled to begin on or around November 9, the Ontario and E 9th St ramps to I-90 WB will reopen and allow traffic onto the new Innerbelt Bridge.

When those ramps reopen, ODOT will close the E. 14th St. ramp to I-90 WB and the E. 21st ramp to I-71 NB. In addition, ODOT will close the Ontario EXIT ramp from 90 EB to Ontario. The E 9th St. exit ramp will remain open, however it is expected to get crowded.

Commuters using the newly reopened Ontario and E. 9th St. ramps will have access to either I-90 west or the Abbey loop-ramp in Tremont. All other traffic will remain on the old bridge. It will take another couple weeks before all traffic is moved onto the new bridge. 

The bridge will open in a series: First taking traffic from Ontario and E. 9th and then westbound traffic will be directed the bridge and then finally eastbound traffic.

When eastbound traffic is moved to the bridge in late November there will be another series of changes.

The W. 14th St. ramp to I-90 EB from Tremont will close, drivers can use Abbey Avenue to the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

The Broadway Avenue exit ramp from I-90 EB to Broadway will remain closed permanently. Drivers can access Broadway from I-490 EB.

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