Linndale Mayor's Court ends, doesn't stop Interstate 71 speed trap

LINNDALE, Ohio - There will no longer be mayor's court in the Village of Linndale, but you can still be pulled over for speeding.

Instead of conducting Linndale Mayor's Court, all cases will now be heard in Parma Municipal Court, police said on Monday.

"This change in courts does not affect how the Village of Linndale Police Department operates. The Village of Linndale Police Department will continue to enforce all Village Ordinances, all State laws and will continue to protect and serve the residents and visitors of this community," Police Sgt. Tim Franczak said in a statement.

That also means that Linndale officers will still patrol Interstate 71, a well-known speed trap to northeast Ohioans.

Ohio Sen. Tom Patton, a Republican from Strongsville, lead the push to eliminate mayors' courts in municipalities with less than 200 residents.

Patton said Linndale's population is 179 and the penalties from traffic tickets and court fines account for $800,000 of the village's $1 million annual budget.

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