How to find alternate routes in Cleveland for I-77 closure this weekend

CLEVELAND - The Interstate 77 Bridge deck resurfacing project starts Friday night. Crews will close I-77 in both directions between SR 21 and I-480 tonight at 7 p.m., the closure will last all weekend long with I-77 set to reopen at 6 a.m. on Monday.

Crews will be closing two ramps, the ramp from 77 southbound to 480 westbound and the ramp from 480 eastbound to 77 northbound. These closures will remain in effect until November.

During the weekend closure of 77, drivers will need take the detour which involves I-490, Jennings Freeway and 480.

If heading north into downtown, exit 77 NB at 480 WB. Then take 480 WB to Jennings Freeway NB. From there, use 490 to get into downtown or back to 77.

Heading out of downtown, avoid 77 SB by using 490 WB to Jennings Freeway SB. From there, get on 480.

Newstracker 5 drove these routes to show you what your alternate commute will look like.

You will need to continue using these alternates if you normally use the ramps that are closing as well.

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