Cleveland turns off Chester Avenue traffic cameras during construction

CLEVELAND - While motorists endure the repaving of Chester Avenue between East 55th Street and the Cleveland Clinic, they are getting a reprieve from traffic cameras along the route.

The city of Cleveland has turned off the traffic cameras on Chester Avenue at East 71st Street during construction, which has traffic down from three lanes each way to one lane each direction.

The camera location, used in what the city calls Operation Safe Streets, is one of the most prolific spots for traffic infractions. Chester Avenue is a main artery between downtown and University Circle.

According to statistics provided by the city, cameras citywide issued 64,143 citations in 2012 of which 23,275 were from cameras at the East 71st Street and Chester Avenue intersection.

The two cameras at the intersection, eastbound and westbound, are affected by the construction.

There are currently 23 traffic camera locations in Cleveland. An ordinance to add more, installed and mobile, was approved last May.

A spokesperson for the city reminded us the traffic camera program is about improving public safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, not collecting revenue or fines.

The camera along Chester Avenue between East 55th and East 40th westbound remains operational.

As for the camera location at East 71st, expect it to be operational again when repaving is finished.

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