City of Cleveland fixing potholes around city, weather permitting

CLEVELAND - The City of Cleveland is deploying six to eight crews each day, weather permitting, to repair the potholes around the city.

So far, the Division of Streets has used 430 tons of hot asphalt and 420 tons of cold patch asphalt to make repairs.

The cold patch method is primarily used to make critical repairs when it is not warm enough to use hot asphalt. Cold patch, which is made from an aggregate of asphaltic material, is pliable in cold, dry weather. 

The best method to repair potholes is to use hot asphalt and the ideal time for these repairs is on dry days when the temperature is at least 40 degrees or above. 

Crews are continuing to identify areas with the worst pothole issues. 

On Tuesday crews patched the following areas for potholes: 


Residents are encouraged to report potholes to (216)-664-2510.



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